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Bin-Ovation Recycling App

Most of the time I don’t read the endless junk mail that comes through the door, but I’m glad I did read this one about changes in my local council’s recycling services. On the back page it mentioned this new app called Bin-Ovation. Despite it looking a bit tacky I thought I’d download it and see if it is any use. After all, I can delete it if it’s no good.

…but I’m glad I didn’t!

Ok, so it’s not the greatest app in the world, but it’s the information that it supplies that is important. It seems like it’s in development at the moment as it’s only available for Northern Ireland and Qatar (!!). Yes, Qatar, for some reason.

To get to the point, it horrifies me that I have been putting things in the waste bin that could have been going into the recycling one. Guilty, I know. I hope no one will come and arrest me for my public confession, but I hereby pledge that from now on I will do better.

Things like my toaster. Which I can now put in the green bin instead of driving to my local amenities place. I actually do have a defunct toaster that has been lying in my cupboard for months, so it’s that I’ve just got really excited about the possibility of recycling my toaster…

Anyway, download it, if you live in Northern Ireland or Qatar :), and give it a whirl.

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